Automatic Storage Systems

The daily growing needs of both efficiency and storage volume are the basis of the solutions to integrate the static structures for the warehouses with automated systems to handle the goods. The SteelBau automatic storage systems may be both internal or external (self-supporting) and all are seismically designed on the base of the installation place. The utilization solutions are linked to the customer’s needs and his system as well as his operating method.

The most common solutions are:

Single and double depth

  • Automatic storage system with stacker crane with forks working on single or double depth locations


  • Multi-depth automatic storage system, where the LUs are positioned by shuttles that run in the storage aisles and are dependent on a central stacker crane that loads and unloads the LUs. The shuttles can be both with a steel cable or battery operated ones.

Special loads

  • Automatic storage systems for special loads; these can be non-standard both for the dimensions as well as for the weights and require a specially performing racking.

Self-Supporting Storage Systems

The automatic self-supporting storage systems (external solutions) are all designed on a seismic base, depending on the installation place and the racking is designed taking in consideration the external agents, such as wind and snow load, too. The structure is calculated to carry also the cladding weight both in the standard as well as the EI version.

The self-supporting racking from SteeBau is produced as per the Italian NTC (Technical Construction Norms) 2018 or the equivalent ones of other countries and always requires the submission of the design to the accredited body, as well as for the realisation of a new building. The top performance of SteelBau profiles allows for the development of self-supporting storage systems up to 40 m height, both in standard room temperature as well as in cold room one till -30°C.


SteelBau ERD (Engineering Research & Development) can guide and help the customer in all the phases of the design and can interface the key fire-fighting systems producers or other service types suppliers to complete the warehouse.