division is present in a highly competitive market and our vision and mission are:

  • to sensitise the customers/partners to choose a technological option aware and caring about the future of our planet thanks to the use of the purest materials of unaltered mechanical properties
  • to offer “High Performance” structural results with top resistant profiles in height by using special sections severely tested and strongly reliable to guarantee high-performance load capacities
  • to propose structures based on integrated solutions compatible with intelligent management systems in line with Industry 4.
  • to supply a “turnkey” service to our customers both in terms of a global structural project as well as of service and “bespoke” assistance


SteelBau uses steels whose raw material derives from a circular economy M.U.R. – Make_Use_Recycle process.

If we think about the scarce availability of extracting origin raw material in the UE, the iron scrap, whose use allows huge savings both in energy terms and in CO2 emissions, must be considered a real European “mine” that must be carefully preserved, increasing both its availability and its quality. SteelBau commits himself to create the conditions in order for the virtuous circle of the circular economy to conclude within the EU territory, avoiding in this way a material drainage, ready to be recycled, towards countries that, in many cases, only partially guarantee the same European standards for what concerns the sustainability.

SteelBau M.U.R. is strongly related to, and believing in, the circular economy, powerfully sustaining and supporting the trend that sees Italy as the top EU country for what concerns the recycling of the iron scrap where its collection covers, for now, only 2/3 of the iron mills input need and therefore it is forced to import iron scrap from other EU countries. On the contrary, the EU countries are net exporters of scrap with an import/export delta strongly increasing in the last decade.



SteelBau uses steel that has been manufactured, used and recycled. On the contrary of many other materials, that are considered recyclable, the steel used for SteelBau heavy racking can be re-melted for several cycles without ever losing any of its intrinsic characteristics such as resistance, ductility and forming that make it irreplaceable in several applications in the self-supporting realisations. For this reason, we can attribute to the steel a “Lifetime Cycle”, in other words a permanent life cycle. The steel, which SteelBau racking systems are made of, remains as a permanently stored value in the society, ready to start a new recycling and hence give birth to a new cycle of heavy duty and self-supporting steel racking, with the same properties and characteristics of the material used at the beginning, generating in this way a new life cycle of the SteelBau product.

STEELBAU GOALS – 2019-2025:

  • To apply the circular economy and M.U.R. concept in all its aspects
  • To increase the use of the scraps sent to reuse and/or recover by reaching 99% of the same
  • To decrease the energy consumption and related CO2 through the optimisation of the installed machineries
  • To increase the use of rail-based intermodal transportation to drastically reduce the environmental pollution