In compliance with the obligations deriving from the National norm (D. Lgs 30th June 2003 n. 196, Code for the protection of the personal data) and the European one (European rules for the protection of the personal data n. 679/2016, GDPR) and successive modifications, this website respects and protects the confidentiality of the visitors and of the users, by putting in place every possible and proportionated effort in order not to damage the users’ rights.

The current privacy policy is applicable only to the online activities of this website and is valid for the visitors/users of the same. The policy is not applicable to the information collected through other channels different from this website. The purpose of the privacy policy information document is to offer the maximum transparency for what concerns the information that the site collects and how it is used.

Legal base of the policy

This website manages the data based on the approval

By using or consulting this website, the visitors and the users explicitly approve the current policy document and approve their personal data to be treated in reference to the mode and the finality hereafter described, including the possible forwarding to third party, if necessary, for the supply of a service.

As of 25th May 2018 (date when the GDPR entered into force), this website will handle some of the data based on the legitimate interests of the handling owner.

Data collected and purpose

As all the other websites, this website uses log files too; in the log files all the information collected in an authorised mode during the visit of the users is stored. The collected information could be the following:

  1. IP (Internet Protocol) address;
  2. Browser type and parameters of the device used to connect to the site;
  3. ISP (Internet Service Provider) name;
  4. Date and time of the visit;
  5. Web page where the visitor is coming from (referral) and outgoing one;
  6. Possibly the clicks number.

The above-mentioned information is handled in an automated way and collected in an exclusively aggregated form in order to check the proper functioning of the website and for security reasons (from 25th May 2018 onwards this information will be handled based on the legitimate interests of the owner).

For security reasons (antispam filters, firewall, virus control), the automatically registered data can possibly include some personal data too, such as the IP address that could be used, in conformity with the existing laws related to this, to block attempts of damage to this website or to bring damage to other users or, in any case, damaging activities or activities that could be a crime. Such data are never used for the identification or the profiling of the user, but only to protect the website and its users (from 25th May 2018 onwards this information will be handled based on the legitimate interests of the owner).


If the website allows for the insertion of comments, or in the case of specific services requested by the user, the website traces automatically and registers some identification data of the user, including the e-mail address. Such data are intended to have been voluntarily supplied by the user when requesting the supply of the service. By inserting a comment or other information, the user explicitly accepts the privacy document and, in particular, allows for the inserted contents to be freely forwarded to third parties too.

The received data will be exclusively used to supply the requested service and only for the necessary time for the service supply.

The information, that the website users will decide to make public through the services and the tools made available by the same, is supplied consciously and spontaneously by the user, exempting the current site from any responsibility for what concerns possible law breaks. It is up to the user to check to have the permissions to insert third-party personal data or contents protected by national and international norms.

The data collected by the website during its functioning are exclusively used for the above-mentioned purposes and are stored for the strictly needed time to exploit the defined activities. In every case, the data collected by the website will never be supplied to third parties, for any reason at all, unless it were a legitimate request by the judiciary authority and only in the cases foreseen by the law.


The data used for security reason (block of attempts to damage the website) are stored for the necessary time for the same to be controlled.

Place of processing

The collected data are processed at the premises of the Processing Holder and at the data centre of the web hosting. The web hosting (Keliweb Srl – Via Bartolomeo Diaz 35, 87036 Rende (CS)), who is responsible for the data processing, elaborating them on behalf of the holder, is located within the European Economic Space and works in accordance with the European norms.


As it is common in all the websites, also this website uses cookies, small text files that enable the conservation of information about the preferences of the visitors, to improve the website functionalities, to simplify the navigation automating the procedures (e.g. login, website language) and for the analysis of the website use.

The section cookies are essential to be able to tell the connected users from one another and are useful to avoid that a requested functionality be supplied to the wrong user, as well as for safety reasons to block informatic attacks to the website. The section cookies don’t contain any personal data and last only for the running session, i.e. till the browser closure. There is no need for approval for them.

The functionality cookies used by the website are strictly necessary for the website use; in particular they are connected to an explicit request of some functionality by the user (such as the login), for which no approval is needed.


By using the website, the visitor explicitly approves the cookies use.

Disabling cookies

Cookies are linked to the used browser and CAN BE DIRECTLY DISABLED BY THE BROWSER, in this way refusing/recalling the approval for the cookies use. It is important to know that cookies disabling could prevent the correct use of some functions of the same website.

The instructions on the cookies disabling can be found on the following web pages:


Third-parties’ cookies

This website also works as intermediary for third-party cookies, used to be able to supply additional services and functionalities to the visitors and to improve the use of the same website, such as the buttons for the socials or the videos. This website has no control on the third-party cookies, which are entirely managed by the same third-parties. As a consequence thereof, the information on the use of said cookies and on their purposes, as well as on the way to disable them, is supplied directly by the third-parties on the web pages hereafter listed.

More in detail, this website uses cookies of the following third parties:

Google Analytics: an analysis tool of Google that, through the use of cookies (performance cookies), collects anonymous navigation data (IP cut on the last octet) and exclusively put together to examine the use of the website by the users, prepare reports on the website activities and supply other information, including the number of the visitors and the viewed pages. Google may also transfer this information to third-parties, whenever this be requested by law or whenever these third-parties manage the above information on behalf of Google. Google will not link the IP address to any other data owned by Google. The data transferred by Google are stored in the Google servers in the USA.

On the basis of a specific agreement with Google, who has been designed as responsible entity of the data processing, he commits himself to manage the data based on the Holder requests (please refer to the bottom of the document), supplied by the software settings. Based on such settings, the advertising and sharing options have been disabled.


Additional information on the Google Analytics cookies can be found on the page Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Website.


The user can disable, in a selective mode, the data collection by Google Analytics installing on his browser the appropriate component supplied by Google (opt out).

YouTube: a Google owned platform to share videos that uses cookies to collect information of the users and of the navigation systems. The videos of the site don’t forward the cookies when entering the page, if the option “advanced privacy (no cookie)” has been set; based on this, YouTube doesn’t memorise the information about the visitors unless they play the video on purpose.

cookie: is not a permanent cookie, but it is used to check if the user browser supports the cookies.

For additional information on the data usage and on their handling by Google, we recommend to take a look at the information on the page prepared by Google and on the page on the Mode of data usage by Google when websites or applications of the partners are used.”

Plugin Social Networks

The current website incorporates plugins and/or buttons for the social networks in order to enable an easy sharing of the contents on your preferred social networks. Such plugins are programmed in such a way that no cookie is set when entering the page, so to safeguard the users’ privacy. Possibly the cookies are enabled, if planned by the social network, only when the user effectively and voluntarily uses the plugins. Please note that if the user navigates, being logged to the social network, then he has already accepted the use of the cookies transmitted by this website when he enrolled into the social network.

The collection and use of the information thanks to the plugins are ruled by the respective privacy information of the social networks, whom we kindly ask to refer to:

  1. Facebookcookies information document link
  2. Twittercookies information document link
  3. LinkedIncookies information document link
  4. Google+cookies information document link

Data transfer to non-EU countries

This website could share some of the collected data with services located outside of the European Union area. In particular with Google, Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn) through the social plugins and the Google Analytics service. The transfer is authorised based on specific decisions of the European Union and of the personal data protection Officer, in particular the decision 1250/2016 (Privacy Shield – here the information page of the Italian Officer) and therefore no consent is required. The above-mentioned companies guarantee their own acceptance of the Privacy Shield.

Safety measures

This website manages the users’ data in a legitimate and correct way, implementing the needed safety measures targeted at stopping non-authorised accesses, non-authorised divulgation, manipulation or destruction of the data. The service is made through IT and/or telematic tools, in an organisation way and with logics strictly related to the indicated objectives. In addition to the holder, in some cases, other groups of people in charge of the website organisation (administrative, sales, marketing, legal personnel, system administrators) could access the data as well as external people (such as suppliers of third-party technical services, postal couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication companies).

User rights

According to the European norm 679/2016 (GDPR) and the National norm, the user may employ the following rights, as per the modes and within the limits set forth by the current norm:

  1. to request the confirmation of the existence of personal data referring to him (access right);
  2. to know the source;
  3. to receive intelligible communication;
  4. to get information about the logic, the modes and the purposes of the handling;
  5. to request the update, the change, the integration, the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form, the block of the managed data violating the law, including those no longer necessary to reach the objectives they were collected for:
  6. in those management cases based on consent, to receive, only at the cost of the possible support, his data supplied to the Holder, in a structured form readable by a computer and in a format commonly used by an electronic device;
  7. to present a claim to the control authority (Privacy Officer – Officer page link);
  8. last but not least, more in general, to exercise all the rights that are acknowledged according to the current law dispositions.

All the requests must be sent to the handling Holder.

When the data are handled based on the legitimate interests, the rights of the people interested in the handling are in any case guaranteed (apart from the portability right that is not foreseen by the norms); in particular, the right to oppose the handling that may be exercised by sending a request to the handling Holder.

Handling Holder

The Holder of the handling according to the existing laws is the administrator of the website, Vet&Cor of Boldrin SteelBau SRL with legal premises in Italy, 38068 Rovereto (TN), Viale del Lavoro 16/E, who can be reached through the following link: Enquires

Handling Manager

The web hosting (Keliweb Srl with legal premises in Italy, 87036 Rende (CS), Via Bartolomeo Diaz 35) is appointed manager of the handling, as he elaborates the data on behalf of the Holder. Keliweb is located in the European Economic Area and works according to the European norms (policy privacy di Keliweb Srl). Google is appointed as manager of the handling as he elaborates the data on behalf of the Holder (Google Analytics).


The current privacy policy has been updated as of 4th June 2018.