Plates anchoring foot plates

Plates anchoring foot plates:

SteelBau can supply all the necessary components to complete an automatic storage system both indoor as well as self-supporting. The cross bracings arrangement is always studied to optimise the available spaces and the seismic efficiency of the solution. The conveyors input and output areas are made of steel carpentry portals and, in case of walkways or mezzanines, dedicated areas for a safe maintenance are designed and planned for.

The stacker crane rails can be adapted to the various versions and the maintenance in height of the crane is always possible thanks to dedicated areas inside the racking.

SteelBau racking allow for an easy aisles separation in case of storage systems with several cranes and the rails can be adjusted to both battery as well as fork shuttles.

In case of a self-supporting storage system, SteelBau supplies the cladding design too; this can be vertical or horizontal with polyurethane or glass wool insulation. In addition, the very high-level experience of SteelBau enables to design and choose the most suitable cladding even with an oxygen-reduction fire-fighting system.