Multi SKUs
In the case of a warehouse with several SKUs, it is key to guarantee a high-performance cycle-time during the loading and unloading phases.
The solutions with a single and double-depth frames are the best one for the stacker cranes with forks.

Single SKU
In the case of a warehouse with a single SKU, it is of fundamental importance to fully exploit the available area.
The multi-depth solutions are the most suitable ones for this type of warehouse and use battery or fork shuttles automatic systems.
SteelBau rails can be used both for steel cable or battery solutions.

Frame for pallets in single depth
This is the solution that offers the best cycle-times. Thanks to the very high resistance of its elements, SteelBau frame enables to reach a very high number of load levels, even in the self-supporting solutions.

Double-depth single large frame
The solution with a single frame enables the structure to be used both as single-sided (double depth) as well as double-sided with single depth with the highest possibility to select the load units.

Double depth with staggered load levels
Perfect for the stacker cranes with “variant” type forks. This solution is the most compact and functional one for the solutions in double-depth.

Double depth with intermediate supports
It is also possible to choose a solution with intermediate supports on the whole length of the structure as an alternative to the staggered-levels one. Such a solution allows for a higher versatility of the load level thinking to store the LUs also when forked on the 1200 mm side (3 LUs in depth).

This storage system configuration enables to store all the LUs on the same level up to a very high number of units in depth. Within the same aisle it is possible to have pallets with different widths.
The usable area is exploited at the highest, but, in order to be efficient from a cycle-time point of view, every aisle will have to carry the same type of SKU.